Braided Type C to Micro USB V8 Data Cable Charger


(1)Braided USB C to Micro USB Fast Charging Cable

(2) Support Positive and Negative Insertion, Support Plug and Play, Support Hot Swap:

(3) Higher Power, Faster Charging, and Easy to Drive Related Equipment; Outlook Material: Braid

(4) The Mobile Device for Micro USB Interface Charges / Transmits Data

(5) OTG: Suitable for Equipment with OTG Function to Realize Read, Write, Connection Control etc.. 

(6) Support: Fast Charging Charger.



(1) Fast Charging: Use USB-C charger adapter to Charge Micro USB Cable

(2) High Accurate Mold of Connectors, Make Perfect Connection. 

(3) Support USB 2.0 Data Transfer Speed;

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