HDMI Female to Micro HDMI Male Adapter with 180 Angle Swing

(1) HDMI(Type A) Female to Micro HDMI(Type D) Male Adapter(180 Degree Angle Swing Type); 19 Pins;
(2) High Quality with Test Pass, Complied with Standard V1.4;
(3)Support For HDTV For DVD for Projector For Digital Camera for PS3 etc.

(1) Support HDMI V1.4;
(2) Used in HDTV, Blue Ray DVD; HD DVD; HD Multimedia Player, Projector, Digital Camera, PS3, XBox360 etc
(3) Gold-Plated HDMI Connectors;
(4) Perfect for Installation & Space Saving;
(5) Supports Resolutions up to 1080P,3D etc.

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