HDMI Male to VGA Female Converter Cable with Audio & Power

(1) Standard Male HDMI to VGA Female Cable with Audio&Power (Type-A)
(2) High Quality with Test Pass;
(3) For Tablet, Laptop,Projector, Moniter, HDTV, DVD etc
(4) This HDMI to VGA Cable can Connect Mobile Devices to any HDMI Equipments such as HDTV/Projector/Laptop etc
(5) Support HD video, 3D Graphic;
(6)  Input: HDMI Input (Male, Type-A)/ Output: VGA Female; Audio: with Audio Function/Power Input: 5V(Micro USB Interface);  1pcs 3.5mm Audio Cable is included; Hangtag Bag Packaging(7) Support HDMI v1.4, 3D 1080p; Support HDCP 1.1/1.2/1.3

 (8) Normally the power connection is not necessary. It is needed Only When the Power Source is not Enough or Connect to a long VGA Cable(More Power is needed)
Compliance: For Tablet, Laptop, Projecter, Moniter, HDTV, DVD etc
Characteristic: Standard Male HDMI to Female VGA with Audio&Power.

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