Over 16 Years in Manufacturer


2023-03-07 DXGROUPS launched the New Soft Sping Coiled Cables 

2023-02-25 Samsung Lauched the new S23 model Cell phones, and 45W new Charger Adapter.

2022-12-19 DXGROUPS Ensure the Product Manufacture before CNY avoiding the COVID-19 affection

2022-09-08 Apple and Huawei issued new products and good opportunity for 3C market

2022-08-26 DXGROUPS attended on-line Exhibition and show new products to the world

2022-06-30 DXGROUPS new All-in-1 Cables Ready for Market, GaN Charger adapters Ready for Market

2022-05-18 Chipset price for PD and Charger Adapter has decreased, Related products become easy to get